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terri baranich


Under notes #2 the loop is described as situatonal. and refers the appendex. When I read the appendix I do not see this addressed.
I am interpting this as situational when outpatient and required when inpatient based on note #3. Is this correct?


This issue is explicitly addressed in guide 004010X096. The reference to the appendix is for the general ASC X12 loop usage information and is not specific to Attending Physicians. Per 2310A Attending Physician notes 3 and 4, this loop/segment is required on all Inpatient claims or encounters as well as to indicate the Primary Physician responsible on a Home Health Agency Plan of Treatment. Per the definition of Situational in section 3.1, when these situations do not exist this "should not be used".
Submission 3/19/2007
Status Date 3/22/2007
Status F - Final
Primary References
Document 004010X096
Set ID837I
Segment Position250
Segment IDNM1
Industry NameAttending Physician Name