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Ron Birkemeyer


Note 1. in the ENT segments that start Loops 2000A "Organization Summary Remittance" (P. 72 in the IG) and 2000B "Individual Remittance" (P. 86 in the IG) each start with - "This segment is used to start table two ......". This seems to imply that these loops are mutually exclusive, since only one or the other can start table two.

We have trading partner test files where Loops 2000A and 2000B are both being reported. Would this be considered a compliant implementation of the 820 transaction. In checking a v5010 draft IG, we found that the references to starting table two have been removed.


This issue is explicitly addressed in guide 004010X061. Section 2.2 states "The remittance information can be sent as a summary bill payment, or an individual or list bill payment." It does not state that remittance information can be sent as a summary bill payment AND an individual or list bill payment. Therefore, one 820 can either contain loop 2000A OR loops 2000B, but not both loop 2000A AND loops 2000B. In any case, the ENT segment is the first segment of the 2000 loop in the ASC X12 standard and always begins any iteration of the 2000 loop.
Submission 3/29/2007
Status Date 4/3/2007
Status F - Final
Primary References
Document 004010X061A1
Section3 Tr Set
Set ID820