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Todd Cochrane


AK302 is the segment location within an ST/SE that denotes error location when sending this segment with a 997. According to the X.12 Guide the element is an N0 1/6 in length. The SE01 which is the total segment count within an ST/SE is defined as an N0 1/10 in length. This, in my opinion, is incorrect. These types should match otherwise errors cannot be reported correctly. In the 5010 X.12 Guide these values match and are both N0 1/10. I can find nothing on this doing repeated searches on the internet and the DISA web site. Is there an authoritative contact that you have that could indicate which segment is in error in the 4010 X.12 Guide? Can I assume that AK302 should be an N0 1/10 for the 4010?


There is a mismatch in size within the ASC X12 Version 004010 between data elements 96 (SE01) and 719 (AK302).


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Further Discussion: This inconsistency was noted and corrected in the 005010 version of the standard. While there was a change to the standard to correct the inconsistency, which you have noted, changes to the standard are not retroactive. You may respond to a 004010 functional group with a 005010 997 transaction set.
Submission 1/1/2010
Status Date 1/1/2010
Status F - Final
Primary References
Document 4010, 5010