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Cheryl Atkinson


I have a provider that is sending the CRC02 with the letter N, but is also sending actual condition indicators in the CRC03 through CRC07 of 01 through 05.
Even though the CRC02 equals N for no, if the condition indicators are still sent would the other fields then become required? For example: if the 01 is sent in the CRC03, this requires an admit date to be sent. Our system and Claredi are both rejecting the 02 asking for a date even though the N is in the CRC02. Is this correct? Should Humana and Claredi both change their system to "disregard" anything sent in the CRC03 - CRC07 if the CRC02 is N for no?

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An "N" value in CRC02 indicates that the condition in CRC03 (or CRC04 - CRC07 if
present) does not apply. Therefore in the example of an "N" value in CRC02 with a "01"
value in CRC03, the meaning is that the patient was not admitted to a hospital. Therefore it would be incorrect to edit for admission dates.
Submission 4/18/2007
Status Date 8/6/2007
Status F - Final
Primary References
Document 00401X098A1
Segment Position1073
Segment IDCRC
Industry NameAmbulance certification
External Code ListCertification indicator
Code Valueidentifier