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Ethel Williams


Does the present on admission indicator values assinged to the 2300/K3 segment of the Institutional 837 transaction set include the Admitting DX?

The mapping as indicated in HIR # 511 indicates the following:

Positions 1-3= POA,
Position 4= the POA indicator for the principal dx code.
Position 5 begins the reporting of POA indicators for all other dx codes if applicable.

My question is specifically related to the reporting of all other DX codes beginning with position 5. Does position 5 start the POA indicators for the admission DX code as well as the additional DX codes?
Does this include the POA indicators for only the additional DX codes that are identified by qualifier BF, or does it also include the admiting DX code, which is identified by qualifier BJ.


POA indicator is assigned to the "Principal Diagnosis" and "Other Diagnoses" (as defined in Section II of the Official Guidelines for Coding and Reporting) and the external cause of injury codes which are identified by qualifier BF (other diagnoses) only. POA does not include admitting diagnosis.
Submission 5/17/2007
Status Date 7/13/2007
Status F - Final
Primary References
Document 004010x096a1
Set ID837