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Barbara Sesny


When procedures A & B billed on same claim bundle into procedure C the charges are combined. How should this be done when procedure A is on a history claim and procedure B on the current claim? We plan to adjust the history claim to deny and pay procedure C on the current claim but don't know how to represent the procedures or charges.


This in not explicitly addressed in the 4010 guide.


Reverse claim 1 (proc A), reference claim 2 (proc B). Process claim 2 (proc B), reference claim 1 (proc A), adjust accordingly and use SVC06.

To reference the other claim, use the Other Claim Related Identification REF segment with REF01 code F8 (Original Reference Number). The other claim Claim Number from CLP07 is sent in REF02.
Submission 7/9/2007
Status Date 2/6/2008
Status F - Final
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