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Dyan Anderson


Some states are now requiring the NDC Drug Quantity to be reported in the CTP segment. The X12 standards require CTP03 - Unit Price, CTP04 - NDC Quantity, and CTP05-1 Unit of Measure. In investigating J-code drug reporting and pharmacy formularies, Jcodes are defined as tablets and capsules. What is to be reported as unit of measure when these drugs don't fit the X12 allowed qualifiers of F2, GR, ML, UN? Also, how is the NDC price to be calculated?

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NDC CTP UnitofMeasure


The number of units reported in SV205 must match the code reported in SV202-2. If the NDC code reported in LIN03 does not match the units reported in SV205 then segment CTP is required. A qualifier of ML must be used if dosage in NDC refers to vial or liquid. Qualifier GR must be used for grams. The qualifier UN is to be used when code refers to packages.


For example, a J code is submitted in SV202-2 and description indicates 20 mg. Element SV205 has 1 unit. An NDC is submitted which has a description of 5 mg. Qualifier MG is reported in CTP05-1 and a value of 4 is reported in CTP04.
Submission 8/15/2007
Status Date 10/22/2007
Status F - Final
Primary References
Document 004010X096A1
Set ID837I
Segment Position495
Segment IDCTP
Element Position05
Component Position01
Industry NameUnit or Basis for Measurement Code
External Code List355