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Nadine Farmer


We are an intermediary between the Provider and the actual UMO. The UMO has not responded to a 278 request within the time limit that they specifiy for their responses. Generally, we want to close the 278 response at this time and only provide further updates via an interactive Internet session. How do we format a 278 Response back to the provider to indicate the situation and that the request is closed on our system and there will be no further 278 response by us?


When the UMO has not responded in a timely manner to a 278 request, a 278 response back to the provider can be generated to inform the provider that no further electronic response will be sent and to contact the UMO directly for information. Use the BHT06 code value of 18 (No Further Updates to Follow) and an HCR01 code value of CT (Contact Payer).
Submission 8/15/2007
Status Date 10/29/2007
Status F - Final
Primary References
Document 004010X094A1
Set ID278