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Joanmarie Cifelli


We have a scenario where there are two claims (one professional and one institutional) on two separate remittances but we issue one check. In these situations the facility issues the payment from the check to the professional affiliation.

According to the 835 IG, TRN02 should contain the check number for payments. Since the check numbers are the same (only 1 check was issued) what should we pass in TRN02?

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Section 2.2.3 states "The trace number in conjunction with the company ID number provides a unique number that identifies the transaction." TRN02 is named "Check or EFT Trace Number". As a result, two 835s cannot be associated with a single check. That breaks the uniqueness. If one check is paying two claims, they must both be reported in the same 835. To report two claims in two 835s you must cut two checks.
Submission 8/23/2007
Status Date 10/29/2007
Status F - Final
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Document ASC X12N 835