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Steve Scholze


Page 66 of the 270/271 v. 004010X092A1 IG indicates that the maximum number of patients per transaction in the batch mode is 99. We interpret this limitation to be 99 patients per Transaction Set (ST-SE). Some payers interpret this to be 99 transactions per physical file/exchange (ISA-IEA). Please clarify. Thank you.

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270 Batch Maximum Patient Limitation


This issue is directly addressed in guide 004010X092. Note 1 for the Subscriber Level (HL) states "If the transaction set is to be used in a batch mode (see section 1.3.2 for additional detail), it is required that the 270 transaction contain a maximum of ninety-nine patient requests." Therefore, the limit of 99 is per 270 transaction. The guide does not place any limit in the number of transactions within a Functional Group or the number of Functional Groups within an Interchange.
Submission 8/23/2007
Status Date 8/24/2007
Status F - Final
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Document 004010X092A
Set ID270