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Janice Cunningham


A Medicaid payor is reporting 0000000 for each zero pay BPR segment.
Per my interpretation of the IG requirements for TRN02 provides a unique identification for the transaction. Although it is stated that when payment is made by check TRN02 should be the check number, it does state that if it is anything other than a check TRN02 does not have to be a unique number.
The payor states that since there is no payment being, therefore no check, they do not have to report a unique number.
I need clarification on this requirement.

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TRN02 Unique Nubmer


This issue is explicitly addressed in guide 004010X091. Page 52 states about the TRN segment “This segment’s purpose is to uniquely identify this transaction set” and page 53 states about TRN02 “This number must be unique within the sender/receiver relationship”. This number is specific to the transaction. That statement is totally independent of the value reported in BPR02. TRN02 cannot have the same value in multiple 835s between a specific payer and a specific payee based upon this information. It must be unique, even when BPR02 equals 0.
Submission 9/13/2007
Status Date 9/19/2007
Status F - Final
Primary References
Document 004010x091a1
Segment Position02
Segment IDTRN