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Daniel Connie


Need an interpretation on note #3 for loop 2310E NM1 in the X12 Imp Guide for Inst. It states "This loop is required when the location of health care service is different than that carried in the 2010AA (Billing Provider) or 2010AB (Pay-to Provider) loops". Does this mean that if 2310E is present NM103 and NM109 from 2310E can not equal 2010AA NM103 & NM109?


Loop 2310E is only sent when the location of the services is different from the location in Loop 2010AA. It is possible to have the same data in the NM1 data elements, in order to report a different address in the N3 and N4.
Submission 10/23/2007
Status Date 1/18/2008
Status F - Final
Primary References
Document 004010X096A1
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