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Kenneth Greenspan


This is not really an interpretation question, but I was wondering whether an encounter using the 837p requires substantially less data than a billable claim 837p, or if much of the data could be in essense hard-coded because it’s non-billable. I'm planning to do some research based on utilization but I was wondering if anyone knew offhand whether encounters require less elements than FFS claims.


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Usage requirements and situational rules as stated in the Implementation Guide apply to both claims and encounters, except for those specific situations where language in the guide indicates otherwise.


For an encounter process covered by the regulations, review the situational requirements to determine if they apply to the encounter process you are implementing. For example, situational requirements that state a requirement when a segment or element "is known to impact the adjudication of the claim." would not apply to encounter data sent only for research.
Submission 1/23/2008
Status Date 4/3/2008
Status F - Final
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