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Kenneth Greenspan


It looks like the proprietary service provider number can be included in the 2100C/NM109 when NM108 = SV.
Can a health plan's Proprietary provider identification number be entered in 2100B/NM109 when the NM108 qualifier = 46? '46' is for the ETIN which is a number agreed upon by both trading partners, so my question is can that number be any arbitrary number, including the health plan's propriety provider number?


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The intent of the 2100B Information Receiver Loop is to specify an entity requesting to receive status on behalf of a provider. For this business use, this entity can be a provider, a provider group, a claims clearinghouse, a service bureau, an agency, an employer, etc. The 46 qualifier, ETIN (Electronic Transmitter Identification Number), would be used to provide that entity’s electronic trading partner identification number. The ETIN can be any identifier which trading partners agree to use.


DRAFT - In version 005010, the only allowable value in the 2100B Information Receiver Loop, is Qualifier 46 - ETIN (Electronic Transmitter Identification Number) to report the electronic communication identification number of the entity sending and receiving claim status data on behalf of a provider.
Submission 3/12/2008
Status Date 5/5/2008
Status F - Final
Primary References
Document 004010X093A1
Set IDNM108
Segment IDNM1
Element Position09
Industry NameIdentification Code Qualifier