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Anna Stocksdale


Re 004010X091A1, Healthcare Claim Payment/Advice, Header table, segment=TRN (Reassociation Trace Number), element=02 (Reference Identification, Check or EFT Trace Number)

What is acceptable for this field when the 835 is a non-payment, that is, when BPR01=H , BPR02=0, and BPR04=NON?

Can this be defaulted to 0 when there is no check or EFT trace number applicable?

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835 non payment BPR01=H TRN02 reassociation trace check or EFT number


This issue is explicitly addressed in guide 004010X091. While the business name is "Check or EFT Trace Number", the note on TRN02 states "This number must be unique within the sender/receiver relationship." So, while this can be a "0" for a specific 835 to a specific payee, it can only be "0" once between that payer and payee. TRN02 must meet the requirement to be a unique value within the sender/receiver relationship. For a non-payment 835 (no check or EFT #), TRN02 can't default to any (non-unique) value "0" every time.


The 5010 X221 835 TR3 Guide has further clarification on this issue. It states: For non-payment transactions, TRN02 is a unique number generated by the transaction set originator as that 835’s identification number (e.g., a control number plus a suffix or a date/time stamp).
Submission 5/20/2008
Status Date 7/9/2008
Status F - Final
Primary References
Document 004010X091A1
Set ID835
Segment Position040
Segment IDTRN
Element Position02
Component Position00
Industry NameCheck or EFT Trace Number