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Buddy Onimus


Is the NM1 segment required in the 2120 loop on the 271? Since the LS segment note states "Use this segment to identify the beginning of the Subscriber Benefit Related Entity Name loop", it's unclear if the 2120 NM1 segment is required. We are seeing a situation where just the PRV segment is being sent in the 2120 loop without the NM1 segement. See example X12 below:


This issue is explicitly addressed in guide 004010X092. Section A. states "The loop header defines the start of a structure that must contain one or more iterations of a loop of data segments and provides the loop identifier for this loop. The loop trailer defines the end of the structure." Therefore, the LS doesn't define the beginning of the loop. Section A. (unbounded loops) states "To establish the iteration of a loop, the first data segment in the loop must appear once and only once in each iteration." Section A. (bounded loops) states "The characteristics of unbounded loops described previously also apply to bounded loops." Therefore, the NM1 segment is required after the LS segment to define the beginning of the 2120 loop. The example provided in this request is syntactically incorrect.
Submission 6/12/2008
Status Date 7/28/2008
Status F - Final
Primary References
Document 004010X092
Set ID270271
Segment Position340
Segment IDNM1