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Bob Resh


2000B loop SBR09 code ZZ seems to have a note indicating that it is used when the Claim Filing Indicator is unknown. A second note states "Required value if the HIPAA Individual Identifier is mandated for use. Otherwise, the MI qualifier is used." There is no code value MI in SBR09, and the HIPAA Individual Identifier seems to make no sense here. Please clarify the intended usage for code ZZ as a Claim Filing Indicator Code.


The note with SBR09 code value ZZ is a misprint and should not appear at this location. The code description of "Unknown" is correct.


The note referencing HIPAA Individual Identifier does not make sense at this location and should be ignored. Code value ZZ should be used when the submitter does not know the type of claim and coverage as represented by the other code values in SBR09.
Submission 6/13/2008
Status Date 8/7/2008
Status F - Final
Primary References
Document 004010X096
Set ID837I
Segment Position005
Segment IDSBR
Element Position9
Industry NameClaim Filing Indicator Code
Code ValueZZ