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Dyan Anderson


If using the tilde as the segment terminator, is requiring a carriage return after the segment terminator allowed in standard X12 EDI transactions?

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"A conforming X12 parser should not have such a need. The X12 standard does provide the sender the freedom to choose the
character used to terminate a segment. Since characters not included in the character set of an interchange fall outside the scope of the X12 standards, a carriage return following the defined segment terminator is not allowed "IN" a standard X12 EDI
transaction (by definition the carriage return, if present, lies 'OUTSIDE" the X12 EDI transaction.

Trading partner agreements also lie outside the X12 standard. As such, from an X12 viewpoint, trading partners might choose to agree that a carriage return must immediately follow each tilde [~], or not. Trading partners might even agree to the use of
a specific segment terminator - the X12 standard allows the sender to choose the segment terminator, but does not prevent the sender from entering a trading partner agreement (outside the scope of the standard) to use a particular segment terminator."


"The submitter of this request is encouraged to investigate in more detail the reason why the receiving computing environment currently has this need of a carriage return following each segment. While once a common need, it is no longer so in many
environments. "
Submission 7/2/2008
Status Date 7/28/2008
Status F - Final
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Document 004010X096A1
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