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Jan Wheeler


Our host system reports the external injury code in the HI segment however it only allows one BN qualifier. The rest of the e codes are reporting with the BF qualifier. This causes problems with the insurance who do not want the e codes reporting with the BF qualifier. Are we suppose to be allowed to report more than one BN qualifier on a 837I?

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The 4010X096A1 does not allow more than one BN qualifier but does not specifically preclude the use of an External Cause of Accident codes in the HI Segment for "Other Diagnosis Codes" using the BF qualifier. The NUBC manual and the Uniform Billing Editor indicates that other diagnosis codes will permit the use of ICD-9-CM "V" and "E" codes where appropriate. Payers therefore should not exclude them from acceptance in the HI Segment for Other Diagnoses.
Submission 7/24/2008
Status Date 9/12/2008
Status F - Final
Primary References
Document 004010X096
Set ID837I
Segment IDHI