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2300/HI01-5 is defined as montary. But value code A0 (zero) requires a zip code be reported. How should the zip code be reported in 2300/HI01-5? As 12345 or 1234500. I.E. should this field have an implied decimal since it is data type R-monetary? CMS manual system trans 437 says use 2300/HI01-5 for reporting of zip code and gives example of HI*BE:A0:::12345~. But some translators assume an implied decimal on this field and would translate this into 123.45.

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The decimal point is not implied in a data element type R, Decimal. As explained in section A. in Appendix A, for purposes of the maximum length of 10 characters for Data Element 782, two places for cents are implied (not sent) when a decimal is not sent so that only 8 positions are valid to the left of the decimal. A decimal point must be sent for data values that have decimal positions.

Therefore, in the case of a whole number there would not be a decimal point sent, and there would not be zeros sent for the "cents" portion of the data element. While it is true that this "monetary amount" element is being used for non-monetary values, that does not violate the rules of the R data element type. There are a number of Value Codes defined by NUBC where the amount value is not a monetary amount.
Submission 10/21/2008
Status Date 11/25/2008
Status F - Final
Primary References
Document 004010X096
Set ID2300
Segment Position231
Segment IDHI
Element Position01
Component Position5
Industry NameMonetary Amount