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DeVellis Dave


The Change Summary section of the 834 - 005010X220 IG states:
"74. 2300 HD03 added codes AC, ADD, AF, AP, AR, LL, and UL."
However, I do not see these codes being added in the 2300 HD Detail section of the guide (pg 141, in particular where the HD03 is described).

Is the Change Summary a typo, or is there something else wrong with the statement?

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824 HD HD03


This addition to the change summary was a mistake. Although these codes for life insurance are being considered by the workgroup they have not been voted into the implementation guide and should not have been included in the change summary.
Submission 12/8/2008
Status Date 2/2/2009
Status F - Final
Primary References
Document 005010X220
Set ID834