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DeVellis Dave


The Change Summary section of the 834 - 005010X220 IG states: "85. 2300 AMT01 added codes R, FK, EBA and I0." However, I do not see code I0 in the 2300 AMT01 Detail section of the guide (pg 145, in particular where the AMT01 is described). Is the Change Summary a typo, or is there something else wrong with the statement?

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834 2300 AMT01


This was a mistake, the life insurance code of I0 is still under consideration to be added to a subsequent version however.


If you have a need for life insurance to be added please let the workgroup know.
Submission 12/8/2008
Status Date 2/2/2009
Status F - Final
Primary References
Document 005010X220
Set ID834