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Peter Anderson


In 005010X221 (835), section, the balance forward process is described.

If there is an outstanding balance from a previous 835, and the subsequent 835 is for zero dollars, I do not see an explicit requirement or prohibition that the outstanding balance be applied and then carried forward in full another time.

Is there a preferred method? Either apply the previous balance and then carry the full amount forward - or - apply none of the outstanding balance and apply it in the next 835 with available dollars.

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835 PLB Forward Balance


The Balance Forward Processing section in guide 005010X221 ( states "When a balance forward adjustment was reported in a previous 835, a future 835 must add that money back in order to complete the process." This does not require that the very next 835 be used to satisfy the balance forward.

The WG recommends that the forwarding balance not be placed in an 835 when the net payment is zero before forwarding balance is applied. This would create administrative activity with no purpose.

The forwarding balance should be held until an 835 where the balance (before any forwarding balance) is different than zero. Please note - this means that a future 835 that nets negative again before ANY forwarding balance should be used to consolidate the previous and current receivable into a single forwarding balance. This WG does not intend that multiple forwarding balances exist simultaneously.
Submission 3/13/2009
Status Date 4/20/2009
Status F - Final
Primary References
Document 005010X221
Set ID835
Segment Position0100
Segment IDPLB
Element Position03
Component Position1
Industry NameAdjustment Reason Code
Code ValueFB