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Joel Hackett


The IG for the BHT03 Ref ID states: this is “reference information as defined in for a particular Transaction set or as specified by the Reference Identification number” and, the Semantic note: “BHT03 is the number assigned by the originator to identify the transaction within the originator’s business application system.” I read this as a value determined by the sender.

We have a receiver that is rejecting the transaction based upon the contents of BHT03.

Are we correct that the sender determines the unique content of this field (within the size and type constraints of the standard) and that clearinghouses or receivers can't reject based upon the contents of the field?


This issue is explicitly addressed in the 4010A1X098 Implementation Guide. The BHT03 element is assigned by the originator (sender) of the transaction.
Submission 3/31/2009
Status Date 5/22/2009
Status F - Final
Primary References
Document 004010x098a1
Set ID837P
Segment Position010
Segment IDBHT
Element Position03