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Susan Langford


1)Need clarification on purpose and usage of the 997 acknowledgement with 5010 Healthcare transactions.

2)Need clarification on purpose and usage of the 999 acknowledgement with 5010 Healthcare transactions.

Thank you in advance!!!

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This issue is explicitly addressed in guide 005010X230. Section shows the relationship between the various transactions in Figure 1.1 - Sequence Diagram. That section also states:
For more information on the relationship between the 997 transaction set and other response transaction sets, refer to the ASC X12 document “Reference Model for the Acknowledgment and Tracking of EDI Interchanges”.

Section 1.1 defines the purpose of the 997 as implemented in guide 005010X230 as:
This implementation guide is intended to enable a receiver of an X12 transaction set, related to healthcare business processes, to report syntactical errors against the X12 standard, or to acknowledge receipt of an error-free transaction set.

See guide 005010X231 for details about the 999 transaction and its purpose and scope.
Submission 3/31/2009
Status Date 3/31/2009
Status F - Final
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Document 005010X230