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Heidi Monroe


In the 278 Response, several segments are removed. If these segments were sent in the Request, why would they be removed from the Response? Was this intentional or a mistake?

The removed segments are:

Loop 2010B (Requester) - Removed the N3, N4, and PER segments

Loop 2000E (Patient Event) - Removed all 7 CRC segments

Loop 2010EC (Patient Event Other UMO Information) - Removed the Entire Loop

Was there a particular reason for each decision for not sending back certain segments and loops?

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278 Response, Removal of Segments


To streamline the response, it is not necessary to return data that the provider is already aware of. Sending this data increases the size and slows down the transaction.
Submission 4/27/2009
Status Date 6/2/2009
Status F - Final
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Document 005010X217
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