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Heidi Monroe


There are many fields that are used in the Request, but that are "Not Used" in the Response. Was there a reason for this? In the 4010, it was standard that all fields sent in the Request would be sent back in the Response. From a programming standpoint, it is difficult to not send everything back. Would it be an error to send back everything allowed in the Request, even if that field is specified as "Not Used" in the Response?

All the fields that can be sent in the Request, but that are "Not Used" in the Response, are below. It is very random.

UM - Health Care Services Review Information - UM05, UM07-UM10
CL1 - Institutional Claim Code - CL104
CR1 - Ambulance Transport Information - CR101, CR102, CR104, CR109, CR110
CR2 - Spinal Manipulation Service Information - CR208-CR212
CR5 - Home Oxygen Therapy Information - CR505, CR510-CR515
CR6 - Home Health Care Information - CR609-CR617
SV1 - Professional Service - SV107
SV2 - Institutional Service Line - SV209
SV3 - Dental Service - SV307

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This issue is explicitly addressed in guide 005010X217. Section 1.8 states "A trading partner agreement must not override the specifications in this implementation guide if a transmission is reported in GS08 to be a product of this implementation guide." So, it is not compliant with this guide to send any fields in a response that are marked as Not Used by the guide.

It was determined that it is not necessary to return some data that the submitter is already aware of. Adding non-significant data to an already complex and large response can pose response time issues impacting service between trading entities.
Submission 5/4/2009
Status Date 6/2/2009
Status F - Final
Primary References
Document 005010X217