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Mike Denison


(Institutional 837 v5010)
Addresses in the Health Care Claim: Institutional (837) ASC X12N/005010X223 TR3 document have been updated to make the City, State, Zip Code N4 Segment required when the loop is used whether or not the Address N3 segment is present.

This impacts the Subscriber, Payer, Other Subscriber and Other Payer loops.

What should an organization do if the information for the N4 segment is not available to them?

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For a paired N3/N4 in the 5010 837 TR3, default to the Billing Provider N4 information if these four conditions are all met:

- the N3 is Situational,
- the situation is not met,
- the N4 is Required; and,
- the submitter does not have the city, state, and zip available.


Submission 5/7/2009
Status Date 8/11/2009
Status F - Final
Primary References
Document 005010X223
SectionTable 2
Set IDN4