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Daniel Connie


Are there any guidelines on how to implement the Present on Admisison for 5010? In the Imp Guide, it states that the HI segments (Principal Diag, External Cause of Injury and Other Diag Information) have an element (HI?-9) that will be used to indicate POA with the values of N, Y, U and W. For 4010A1, the CLM05-1 was used to determine if the claim was an inpatient and the discharge date was also used to see if it was on or after October 2007. Does the same rules apply for 5010?


The 5010 837 Institutional Claim guide states that usage of the POA indicator is required as directed by the NUBC billing manual. That manual should be referenced for detailed guidelines.
Submission 6/3/2009
Status Date 7/6/2009
Status F - Final
Primary References
Document 005010X223
Set IDHI01-9