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We are having a difficult time interpreting the 5010 999 guide against its scope. The scope specifically states that the 999 indicates the results of the syntactical or relational analysis. Relational as defined in X12.6 is intra segmental and not inter segmental. There is no definition in the TR3 for relational that expands beyond X12.6. There is an example in the back of the guide of an inter segmental error (example 3, CLM05-3/REF), which is out of scope under that definition. Is example 3 inappropriate in this TR3 and beyond the scope of the 999?


A formal response being sent. RFI 2009-08

The purpose and scope of TS 999 states:

“The transaction set can be used to define the control structures for a set of acknowledgments to indicate the results of the syntactical and relational analysis of the electronically encoded documents, based upon a full or implemented subset of X12 transaction sets.”

X12.6, Section, addresses “relational conditions”, which as you note deals with intra segment relationships among data elements. The X12.6 definition of “relational” in the context of “relational condition” does not restrict the broader meaning of “relational” as used in “relational analysis” in TS 999. Reporting on violation of a “relational condition” is a subset of the “syntactic and relational analysis” that may be reported with TS999.

Therefore, Example 3 is appropriate and within the purpose and scope of TS999.


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Submission 7/15/2009
Status Date 7/8/2010
Status F - Final
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Document 005010X231
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