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Talitha Pettepher


In the 2100 (and other) loops values of PS for Prescriptions and VS for Visits. We're re-looking at our mappings and wonder what the PS value should reflect: number of prescriptions submitted on this claim? Is this expected only on Pharmacy claims?

Similarly, for the VS, is this to reflect the number of visits submitted on the claim, the number of visits paid, or some other number that is related to Visits on the claim?

Thank you,
Talitha Pettepher

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2100 QTY VS and PS


The workgroup defines the following:
The qualifier PS is defined as "The number of prescriptions for the patient directly related to this inpatient claim, when known by the payer"
The qualifier VS is defined as "Inpatient visit count, if greater than 1"
Submission 8/4/2009
Status Date 12/11/2009
Status F - Final
Primary References
Document 005010X221
Set IDDE673
Segment IDQTY
Element Position01
Code ValueVS and PS