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joanne hoagland


Pls help us understand why Loop 2100C has an INS named "Multiple Birth Sequence Number" in the 270 and an INS named "Subscriber Relationship" in the 271......but the INS segments in the 2100D Loop in 270 and 271 are both named "Dependent Relationship". Is there a different functionality for this at the Subscriber loop than at the Dependent loop? Thank you.

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HIPAA 5010 270/271 INS Segments


The segment names do not define the entire usage of the segment; they generally reflect one or more purposes of the segment. Please read the INS segments’ situational rules for the correct usage of each of the INS segments.
Submission 9/4/2009
Status Date 10/5/2009
Status F - Final
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Document 005010X279
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