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Benjamin Johnson


We are receiving 271s with a PER segment that contains a telephone number with alpha characters in it, i.e. 800IHC9978. This is showing up on our system as a level 2 error.

I've contacted the clearinghouse who sends us the 271s and they state that the element PER04 is alpha/numeric therefore the format is acceptable.

What are your thoughts?


Only numeric characters are allowed in PER04 when it represents a telephone number.

The implementation guide segment note states: When the communication number represents a telephone number in the United States and other countries using the North American Dialing Plan (for voice, data, fax, etc.), the communication number should always include the area code and phone number using the format AAABBBCCCC. Where AAA is the area code, BBB is the telephone number prefix, and CCCC is the telephone number (e.g. (534)224-2525 would be represented as 5342242525). The extension, when applicable, should be included in the communication number immediately after the telephone number.

PER03 qualifies the content of PER04. When PER03 contains TE or FX, PER04 must be numeric. When PER03 contains ED or EM, PER04 may contain alphabetic characters.

If PER04 contains alphabetic characters when PER03 is TE, the transaction does not comply with the implementation guide.
Submission 9/8/2009
Status Date 10/23/2009
Status F - Final
Primary References
Document 004010X092
Set ID270/27
Segment IDPER
Element Position04