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karthik Subramanian


In the X279 IG (270/271) there is a mention that

2. Do not transmit the decimal points in the diagnosis codes. The decimal point is assumed.

But in X217 IG (278-11/278-13) there’s no mention of such restriction.

What is the requirement, does the ICD9/10 codes do not require the inclusion of decimal for one transaction and not the other. I would think that it should be consistent and the 278 WG may have missed adding the note.

Please clarify



The guide is silent on the intent of the decimal point, although the WGs intent was that it not be used and that can be referenced based on the examples used within the guide.


WG10 will add the TR3 note in the next version of the guide to mirror the note from the 837 guide to clarify the intent of the decimal point. The note reads: Do not transmit the decimal point for ICD codes. The decimal point is implied.
Submission 9/11/2009
Status Date 12/11/2009
Status F - Final
Primary References
Document 005010X217
Set ID2000E