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raj thiagaraj


Please clarify the new payment method code 'NON' - 'Non -Payment data' added to BPR04 under 5010 changes.Some more detail would help in understanding the new code.

Is this code used only when BPR01 IS 'I' Remittance information only?


This issue is explicitly addressed in guide X218. The Note on BPR04 code NON states "For use when BPR01 is ā€œIā€ Remittance Information Only. This code is needed when the ODFI is sending remittance information only to the Premium Payment Receiver without originating a payment transaction." Also, the note on BPR01 code "I" states "Indicates to the payee that the remittance detail is moving separately from the payment. This also includes when the resulting payment would be zero."

BPR04 = NON is therefore used when the total payment amount for the 820 is zero (BPR02=0). When BPR04=NON, BPR01 must equal "I".
Submission 9/23/2009
Status Date 1/7/2010
Status F - Final
Primary References
Document 005010X218
Set ID820
Segment IDBPR
Element Position04
Code ValueNON