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Larzelere Joseph


In the 999 TR3 the example, the third 837 example has a rejection of the following in the CTX:

My question is the CTX06-1 has an attribute of N0 which in my understanding means numeric, but yet the exampls has a Letter (C023) in the value. Can you please confirm for me if the example is correct and the TR3 is incorrect and the CTX06-1 can be AlphaNumeric or if the TR3 is correct and the example is wrong.

Thank you


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999 Example Question


ASC X12N TG2 WG20 finds that the content of data element 725 located at CTX06-1 of the example is not consistent with the data attribute, N0. An example can not change the underlying standard therefore a composite data element that contains an alpha character can not be reported in CTX06-1. CTX06-1 can not be used to report a composite data element identifier. The workgroup consensus is that the CTX05 composite sufficiently identifies the location of an error since it identifies the data element position in the segment as well as the position of the simple data element within a composite. The workgroup will take the steps to request changes to the Standard and the Implementation Guide.


DRAFT- WG20 recommends that the CTX06 not be used when an error is identified for a composite data element. Only the appropriate components of the 2100, Segment Context, CTX05 are used to identify the location of the error.
Submission 10/2/2009
Status Date 1/21/2010
Status F - Final
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Document 005010X231
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