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Todd Cochrane


What is the difference between the DE 737 Measurement Reference ID Code, definition 'Code specifying the application of physical measurements or counts cited' and the DE 738 Measurement Qualifier, definition 'Code identifying the type of measurement or count'?


Revised definitions of these two data elements were approved in an X12 ballot prior to the publication of version 3030. the current definitions are: DE 737: Code identifying the broad category to which a measurement applies. DE 738: Code identifying a specific product or process characteristic to which a measurement applies. DE 738 should be used to identify a specific product or process characteristic. DE 737 should be used to identify a grouping of codes in DE 738. This may represent either: (1) A higher level of product or process characteristic (e.g., ordered dimensions, package limitations) OR 2) The basis for interpretation of the measurements (e.g., test results, property specifications). Since both elements are optional in the MEA and STA segments, it is not necessary to couple the two. The measurement value may require only one of the two to qualify it.


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Note from ASC X12E Product Data Subcommittee:

If codes are requested for use in the Report of Test Results (863), DE 750 *used in the CID segment) is the appropriate table in which to describe the class of characteristics. The specific properties or characteristics would be added to DE 738.
Submission 1/1/1993
Status Date 1/1/1993
Status F - Final
Primary References
Document 3030