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Michii Summers


If a procedure code description contains a character that could be interpreted by translators to be a legitimate sub-component element delimiter, was the use of the character in the description on the claim incorrect -or- is the translator edit incorrect if it considers the character to be an error. The character caused the translator to think there was an extra element in the SVC segment when there really wasn't. Would it be non-compliant to remove the procedure code text description? The procedure code itself would still be present.

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Use of Characters in the Procedure Code Description


Section A.1.2.7 states:
Delimiters are specified in the interchange header segment, ISA. The ISA segment is to be considered a 105 byte fixed length record and byte number 105 specifies the component element separator. Once specified in the interchange header, the delimiters are not to be used in a data element value elsewhere in the interchange.

Occurrences of delimter characters in transmitted data within a data element can result in the error you described.

It is not a X12 compliance issue, but rather a business or HIPAA compliance issue.


The sender would need to research their stored data and update descriptions to not include the specified component element separator.
Submission 10/29/2009
Status Date 2/12/2010
Status F - Final
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Document 004010x091a1
Sectionasc x12n
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Segment IDsvc