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joanne hoagland


In the 837 Institutional 5010 version, there is a new situtational rule for Attending Provider Name at Loop 2310A. The rule states "required when claim contains any services other than non-scheduled transportation claims". Previously in 4010A1, Attending Provider information was only required on inpatient claims or encounters. Does this new rule in 5010 make Attending Provider information required for all claims (inpatient and outpatient) where there are no non-scheduled transportation services. Can you please help us understand the intent and usage of this new situational rule?? Thank you.

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Attending Provider Information


Attending Provider is now required on all 5010 claims except for non-scheduled transportation claims because there is no Attending Provider associated with ambulance services; there will be an Attending Provider associated with all other claims.
Submission 11/4/2009
Status Date 12/18/2009
Status F - Final
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Document 005010X223
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