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Am Kal


In 5010 820 (5010X218), either the name (N102) or
the ID(N103/ 104) in Loop 1000A/ 1000B can be specified but not both. In 5010 824 (5010X186) which is one of the recommended ACK files for the 5010 transactions, the name and the ID in Loop 1000A/ 1000B are required to be sent back. How can the 824 be generated for the 820 transaction in the case where either N102 or N103/ 104 is present? If 820 with both name and ID are created then it won't be compliant to the TR3 requirements. Can the workgroup look at this and suggest a resolution?

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This issue is explicitly addressed in guides 005010X186 and X218. The names for the 820 1000A and B loops are Premium Receiver's Name and Premium Payer's Name. The 824 1000A and B loops are named Submitter's (824 sender) Name and Receiver's (824 receiver) Name. The 824 1000A and 1000B loops do not derive or require information from the 820 1000A and 1000B loops. Also, the 824 1000B N102 (Name) is a situational data element. The 820 loops refer to the business of the 820 - a payment. The 824 loops refer to the business of the 824 - an acknowledgment. There is no direct correlation between these loops in the 820 and the 824. Therefore, there is no conflict to resolve.
Submission 12/7/2009
Status Date 2/26/2010
Status F - Final
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Document 005010X218
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