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joanne hoagland


In 278 Response 5010X217, the HCR segment at loop 2000E is situationally required when the request was submitted at the same level. In the Errata (5010217E1), section 1.11.5 Transaction Responses states ".....UMO must return a 278 response that contains an HCR segment at the Patient Event Level in the response to indicate the status of the service review". Based on this Errata note, does the usage for the HCR segment in the 2000E now become required?? Will the usage change in a future version?? Thanks.


The errata does not change the usage of the HCR in the 2000E loop. The HCR is only required when the services review can be processed. If the transaction is rejected in error at the 2000E or any other level of the transaction, the AAA segment, at the approprate level, is used to convey the reason for the rejection.
Submission 1/20/2010
Status Date 2/26/2010
Status F - Final
Primary References
Document 005010X217
Set ID278Res