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joanne hoagland


In 5010X217 - 2010EB loop in Request is NM1 "Patient Event Transport Information", while the 2010EB in the Response is NM1 "Additional Patient Information Contact Name". The 2010EC in Request is NM1 "Patient Event Other UMO Name", while the 2010EC in the Response is NM1 "Patient Event Transport Information". We are confused about why the loop names/functionality don't match up between the Request and the Response. Can you please provide some clarity on how these loops are intended to be used in the Request and the Response?? Thanks.


In 004010X094A1 only one 2010E loop is supported on the request where multiple 2010E loops are supported on the response. In the development of 5010 business needs required that addtional 2010E loops be added to the request/response. The workgroup decided to add the new loops to the request/response without changing the previous loop ID for the 2010EB on the response. Functionally it is not necessary for the loop IDs/Names to be insynch between the request and response. The NM1 value is the indicator of what data is being processed in the loop.

The workgroup will consider synching up the loop IDs/Names in a future version of the guide.
Submission 1/20/2010
Status Date 2/26/2010
Status F - Final
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