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Brown John


Per the 5010 276/277 IG, the 277 is not required to include the 2200B loop if it is not, "rejecting claim status requests for errors at Information Source or Information Receiver levels."

If the 2200B loop is not included, how should the 277 receiver associate the 277 with the original 276 when status is being reported in the 2200C loop?

In other words, the 277's 2200B.TRN02 returns the 276's BHT03. This allows the 276 sender to properly associate the return 277 with the originating 276. Without the 2200B loop in the 277, how can this be accomplished?

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This issue is addressed in the 005010X212 guide. The BHT03 element identifies the transaction at the highest level and is used to reconcile a 277 with a 276 when status is returned at the 2200B and 2200C levels. The BHT03 value reported by the originator of the 276 request must be return in the 277 BHT03 element (Originator Application Transaction Identifier) for the purpose of reconciling the 277 with the 276. Use of the BHT03 value for high level transaction reconciliation in the 005010X212 is consistent with other paired request and response transactions (i.e. 270/271, 278/278).

The TRN Segments at the 277 2200B and 2200C levels are syntactically required in order to use the STC Segment at those levels. Although the information is redundant, the guide developers defined the 2200B TRN02 value as the same value reported in the 276 BHT03 to ensure reconciliation can occur for high level status. Unfortunately they did not define a specific value for the 2200C TRN02.


The 2200C TRN Segment TR3 Note 2 allows the Information Source to assign a TRN02 value. The developers of the guide recommend the Information Source report the 276 BHT03 value in the 2200C TRN02 to create an additional reconciliation link to the 276.

The guide developers will review and work to enhance the transaction level reconciliation process guidance in the next version of the guide.
Submission 2/9/2010
Status Date 3/26/2010
Status F - Final
Primary References
Document 005010X212
Set ID277
Segment Position0900
Segment IDTRN
Element Position02