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Jonathan Wright


In 5010 837P, the 2420E PER02 contains the situational rule:

Required in the first iteration of the Ordering Provider Contact
Information segment. If not required by this implementation guide, may
be provided at the sender's discretion, but cannot be required by the

The PER in the 2420E does not repeat and the PER02 is Situational. Does this situational rule mean the 2420E PER02 is always Required? Or should the 2420E PER repeat?

Note: The 2420E rule is similar to the rule on the 2010AA PER02. The 2010AA PER repeats twice.

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PER02 2420E 2010AA situational rule 837P 5010


This issue is explicitly addressed in guide 005010X222. While the PER segment and the 2420E loop only have repeats of one themselves, there can be up to 50 2400 loops where the Ordering Provider for specific services can be the same Ordering Provider. When that Ordering Provider information is repeated, the PER02 Contact Name is only required to be sent once for a specific Ordering Provider.
Submission 3/16/2010
Status Date 4/15/2010
Status F - Final
Primary References
Document 005010X222
Set ID837
Segment Position5300
Segment IDPER
Element Position02
Industry NameName